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Bodies by Cal


Just think about it...would you like to be built like a football player, a track star, a body builder, a swimmer or a boxer? I mentioned the above sports because I have experience in the type of training needed for all.  I love the physique of a boxer.  I also love the training of a boxer.  It is great because your mind stays focused on the training instead of the weight you are losing.  It can also be very fun and challenging.  Do you have to get hit? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  When I used to compete I would train in 6 weeks to 3 month intervals.  I set a particular date and focused on reaching my goals by that date.  Just like a fighter prepares for his fight. 

lady jump roping.jpg

12 Rounds Exercises

Shadow Boxing

Heavy Bag

Top & Bottom Bag

Speed Bag

Focus Pads

Jumping Rope

Simply choose from our partial list of exercises. Do 3 rounds 3 minutes each with 1 minute rest in between rounds. When you have totaled 12 to 16 rounds the daily workout is complete.  Just watch the bodyfat melt away just like a boxer does when he has to make weight.

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