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Coach Cal has been a Vegetarian for over 35 years.  He is also a Vegan and Raw Vegan at times. He is very experienced with fasting.  He does a 10-day Water-Only fast twice a year.  He has put together a program for anyone curious about living a Plant-based lifestyle.  Coach Cal will work with you on a daily and one on one basis. For those that are overweight, dealing with health issues, or just simply want to try the Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle, this is a great and unique program.  You will receive guidance in exercise, nutrition, juicing, and fasting.  Coach Cal not only teaches and guides you through the program...he actually lives it.  He will sit with you and discuss your goals, put you on an exercise program, and assist you in merging into the healthy Plant-based lifestyle. To get started call or text Coach Cal 702-502-8025.

40 Day Water Only Fast Announcement

Before starting any type of fast, Bodies by Cal and Coach Cal Gribble advises that you seek medical advice,

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